LUPO is Now Helping to Build the Firefly Trail!

The Firefly Trail is a rails-to-trails project that utilizes abandoned rail tracks to create more useful commuter and recreational cycling trails.

The Firefly Trail is a rails-to-trails project that utilizes abandoned rail tracks to create more useful commuter and recreational cycling trails.

LUPO is now working to help acquire land for the future Firefly Trail, a 39-mile bike trail that will stretch from Athens to Union Point. Last week we met with Mary Cook, a board member of Firefly Trail, Inc, and Christine Perkins, a GIS Administrator for Firefly to talk about the scope of the project and what needs to be in the early stages of acquiring easements for the trail in Greene County.  This is an exciting project for LUPO and for the greater Athens area!

Meeting This Thursday!

LUPO will be meeting this Thursday, November 21 at 7pm at Transmetropolitan.  UGA Law students, please join us to talk about our current 5 Points and Boulevard Woods projects and any other interesting local issues.  

Professor Turner will be there and Dan Lorentz, President of the Boulevard Neighborhood Association and Director of the Boulevard Woods project, may be in attendance.  If you are interested in local development issues or you would like to get involved in our current projects please attend!  If you are attending, please RSVP:

Christine McCauley of the Madison-Morgan Conservancy

Thanks to Christine McCauley, Executive Director of the Madison-Morgan Conservancy, for speaking with a group of LUPO students this past week.  We had a great discussion about the need for land conservation and the many tools that can be used to achieve it.  In addition to working to preserve land and historic sites, the Conservancy also dedicates itself to reviewing local land development plans to help guide development in a sustainable manner.  Please visit the Conservancy's website to learn more!

We Need People!

UGA Law students, we need people to work on various projects this semester!  We have some exciting opportunities to contribute important and meaningful work to your student body and to the Athens community.  If you are interested in the land development process and how the ACC government evaluates real estate issues, finding a solution to the unworkable parking and walking situation in 5 Points, or any other land use/city planning/local government issue please contact us!  

Our projects are designed to cater to your time, interest, and knowledge.  If you're interested, but short on time, we've got something for you.  If you're new to all these issues, but want to learn more, we've got something for you.  If you've taken property law, real estate law, and land use and are interested in these issues, we've got something for you.  If you want to be a part of a group that explores local issues, discusses those issues, and produces meaningful work addressing those issues, contact us!!

LUPO Board

UGA LUPO is Here!

The University of Georgia School of Law finally has an organization dedicated to the exploration of legal and non-legal issues surrounding land use in our community.  The Land Use and Planning Organization's (LUPO) inaugural year will certainly be exciting as we have a number of great projects designed to initiate discussion and solve important problems in the fields of land use, urban and environmental planning, and local governance.  Though this website is only in its infancy, it will grow to become a comprehensive resource for students, residents, and policy makers throughout Athens and the Southeast.  We would like to invite you to please take some time to explore our pages and get a better understanding of our projects and goals.


LUPO Board